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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Is the media leading us in the right direction?Or is it just jumping too fast and trying to sell everything to us?
What role should the media play?should it really be adding all the masala in the beginning or should they be reserved for the later parts?Is the media influencing us too much?Is it trying put words into the publics mouth?

Saturday, September 29, 2007


want to become rich in a flash of light?

join the Indian team...done.

i accept alright it is a skill and all,but still you can't pamper them like that,can you!after all there are so many more people who need some money!

and there should be something called playing for countries pride!You get the prize money thats it,say a little bit more from the government in the start of your career,but not getting payed like this!

Is it right to pay our cricketers like this??

Monday, August 20, 2007


to be or not to be? to take or not to take?

i say the negative.No,its not fair at all, why should we curtail our dreams by pledging a part of it to another country?

We have the resources,we have everything,i.e. everything except the technology.
Its time ,we think of plans to invent our own,then take some other country.Gone are the times,when we were dependent on others,we have reached a stage,where should take care of our selves.This independence day will be remembered for this reason more than anything else,i.e. the INDO-U.S. nuke deal.

what ever the thing says i am not interested,nor in reading long essays about the pros and cons,rather i am bothered about what effects it will have.

Remember how the British and other Europeans entered the country? i think this will lead to a similar situation,they will start interfering in all our problems.

I seriously think that its time India adopted a more swadeshi way.It is our nation and our people who are suffering from the supposedly "backwardness" .We also have to eradicate poverty and other social degrading factors.Again the aam admi is directly affected by all decisions.We can use what we have and develop and build.all we need to do is,just see it.

If we can open our society more,in ways which would allow people to come up and take up the challenge.One important factor is the corruption.this doesn't have any permanent solution nor will there ever be one.We will have to find a way,to reduce this, to a level where it is feasible for people to come up with our own ideas.

It is time we begin.Let us work and churn our own power and let us not become exposed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

on independence day

today is India's independence day.

We all now wish happy independence day,but do we all think of the amount of blood and sweat that was split to achieve this?

The number of people who gave up everything in life,for the sake of the nation.It was there efforts which got us the freedom.Yet we have failed to grow out of the hangover after independence.
We still haven't removed poverty,still no equality and still no peace without any internal politics and rebellions.Our nation still has a long way to go.As a nation it is still young,when the world was sleeping we became free,but as it dawns now,we still find manythings not complete.Yes we have cities as big as any in the world,but we have failed to take care of everyone in it.When there are rains ,we have floods,THE people who live in the streets are affected th most.While for the others,it maybe similar to a lite head ace.

What sense of pride does a person who live on the streets have for our country?for him he could have been better if he was in any other country.His life has been full of struggle and all he would want is respite from it.How do we promote a sense of patriotism in everyone and anyone?
It is obvious our country's culture and heritage attracts everyone and those who visit it feel it is a "lovely country".but how are we going to make India a "lovely country" to everyone?

Economically speaking it is a tantamount task.It is almost.Yes our resources are ,our pride and strength.but have we tapped them to the fullest potential? To do this ,we have to borrow other country's technologies,but this is not going to be a solution,since becoming dependent is not we can afford.

We need to develop our own technologies,for this we will need to develop our education,bring everyone into the light and bring in more quality teachers.For this we need to remove the social stigma.The paradox which still keeps the society divided needs to be removed completely.For this again,we need to eliminate poverty and improve the standard of living.It would be easy enough to try and bring down the standard of living in cities,but this would need to more problems,in a way that the purchasing capacity of the people will increase and there won't be enough goods,which will again push up the standard.It is left to us to com,e up with a solution.

btw,check out his poem which i have written on India -MY INDIA

Thursday, August 2, 2007

my identity

what your identity as an Indian?

how much do you feel you contribute to the development of the country?

how much do you think is India your home?

a heart of a nation,
so big that i wonder
why it isn't god.

thats how i feel.

it is my home.My culture,not just what background and ancestral history but my whole country,is what belongs to me.

I know i am living in the heart and the love of a nation.I know it is the love which keeps the heart beating.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

tell us

Well this should be the difference isn't it?

remember we are ad-age?

how do you expect us to take to something ,which isn't properly advertised? What you may say be right,but how do we know?

telling us,thats our culture and we have to preserve it isn't going to work.It never did and never will.remember we are humans? remember,we all want to live and not survive,thinking that we are going to perish any second? remember we have got a heart? remember we have got brains? remember we also share the same wave lengths? remember we are from you?

forcing isn't the way.You give us reasons,if you can satisfy us,we accept it.If not don't try to push it.It maybe just that ,we haven't realsied things yet.It maybe we are next gen in evolution.

WE evolve with time.We have to change.Everyone in their time wants to make the world a better place.Put it right,tell us why.

We all have been brought up in this culture,after all those years of blinded belief would still one day rush back,its like a childhood fear.

What is good in our culture.If you ask me one world,expression.

We love it,let us choose what we want,its time we made decisions,we are growing.Let us learn,but at the same time don't ignore us.

We know,it is your right to know,but also it is our right to be free and choose.After all if we go down the same path,then life will not a adventure,what will it be?

Let us draw our lines.Give us reasons and remember,you aren't the ultimate ,we are as much a part of it as you.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


well here is a simple thing-

There was no venue in india for the concerts for the changing climate.Why was this?

it can't be for the reason we don't add to it,we are after all such a large country.Then why?

Don't we know more about music? Isn't our music one of the most inspiring forms which we have built the nation upon?Hasn't music been the sine-qua-non ,that has maintained the balance between everything.Whatever maybe the problem,who ever rules there has always been music.

Music and dance and celebration form a very big part of the indian culture.They have inspired generation s upon gen-next.They have been the life line,to the depressed ,they have been the solvents for all the anomalies.They have helped portray the country's united face ,under any condition and always.I remember reading in one of Nehru's books( about a couple of years back,i haven't found time to complete them) where he talks about the voices which go towards the Allahabad sangamam.We have corrupted chiefs,religious heads and what not,but religiously people preserve their traditions(well,i know now there is no use,for the rivers are either dry or polluted).

Then why wasn't India chosen?

Does the world feel that we don't have the spirit? or is that our music is too devotional and can't sing for the sake of humans?

I feel many people are sending the wrong message about the Indian identity.While i like all types of music,hearing the traditional karnatic music,really is the most pleasing to the ears.
Shouldn't we take it upon ourselves to bring up the music?Of course,you need to be more patient in learning Indian music,as it takes a lot of time for to come up to the stage and for arangatram to take place and also for the people in the hustle and bustle it may be too slow.

But i still can't find the reason for my country not being included.

whats up?

Thursday, June 28, 2007


flout the law.after all rules are meant to be broken?

then why did we make them in the first place?

well i guess this the biggest problem in the country.There seems to be no solution.How will there be?it is all chaos,so many people living under poverty,so many more under social and political problems,there is no mental can we achieve it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

stitch in time saves nine

I fell upon this startling fact that India's HDI is lesser than Vietnam 's.HDI as we all are aware is based upon three main criteria life expectancy, literacy, education.

while there are so many things to sew and stitch in the world, this particular piece of information has really touched me.

India no doubt is a country full of vast culture,heritage and what not.But what is the cause for our country to be in such a poor state?
among various reasons one of the major reasons i find is the social factor.

A good culture according to me is one which has the capacity to evolve.While preserving our ancestral traditions and methodologies is also required to show the next gen,we need to know what to preserve and what not to.While we have destroyed our monuments and rich philosophies we have preserved the caste system and other socially degrading factors.We can claim how much ever we want that we are a democratic country and we are secularists but where do we see people setting examples? we have communist parties who take it as there right to verbally and physically abuse anyone and everyone.we even had a communal leader who abused the president of our country and got away with it.On the flip side ,we have the artist being arrested in the name of protecting the culture.As far as i am aware and the way i have been brought up,we are supposed to respect elder people at least for their age.Even bigger concern is that more and more people are being drawn into this narrow minded path.for a country which was supposed to be based on equality and freedom of expression by our visionaries ,there credibility is sure to be questioned.

on the same hand we have anti-social groups growing.Most of these people have turned against their mother land,simply because their loved once have become victims of fake encounters or even worse social injustice.
Adding to this is the fact that our flora and fauna ,with whom our fore -fathers grew up with are being destroyed.

Education is something which can be bought ,all you have to do is pay.If corruption has trickled down to the root of the country should i say more?

Like in an ancient empire many live in fear of political parties.The situation of people seems to be becoming worse by the second.

We have many so called "swamijis" who make rather mint money from the god loving people.
To control this seems to be quite a complicated issue as such anti-social elements are directly associated with fanaticism.With the help of these blind people ,they go about putting their own laws and rules to follow.These include inter communal violence.Ironically it is the poor people who die,they the fanatics who put everything in ,including lives in the name of god die.

If we don't mend these problems,we will have to sue a new country.Stitch in time saves nine

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

how to inspire?

So now we want to inspire people to stay and improve the country.

And that has to there in all strata of the society.
But where are to go for the much needed fire?

we have the rebels on one side.yes i don't agree with killing,but we all should accept that there is a cause for them to reach such a extreme stage.If we want to end this extreme moments,which draw away the country's resources we need to find a peaceful solution.

Peaceful-yes.What is a peaceful solution?

well according to me its a stage where every person can live with both mental peace.This is possible only if there is no fighting or even a cold war.The basic needs of a human are food ,shelter and security.

When food is under threat people are ready to kill and eat.

For shelter the same.

for security the same.

How can we assure all this?

Now we need to inspire people to make sure of them.

So how to?

>first,make sure we have the right people in the right place.People in wrong places is never going to help.

>Assess the needs of the country.

>Since people want money give it to them.This can be done by increasing the salaries from the lower most level,i.e. if a person is earning 100 Rs make it 150 Rs.

now proportionally increase the salaries,but try to make the increase in prices of goods half to the proportion.This may sound foolish but imagine the change,a person who is earning 5000 will earn 7500,now if he spends 3000 Rs on goods ,now he will have to spend only only about Rs 3750. how can this be done? simple reduce the taxes.

>improve education,build dedicated future gen next with vision,i know everyone isn't a Amabani or a Gandhi but we need to install that.(dedicated to their mission,again i don't say we need to force it ,no that will make it more like a religious school,we need to inspire them to have the country in their mind).

Our grand fathers struggled for independence why?

because they were inspired to do so.

>find a solution to have a good and well versed government.Increase the standard of the governemt in other words,do this by having tests,now who will set the standard?

> Develop farming and forestry.Again we need to recogonise people, working in the fields as
equals to the ones in the city.Companies should taken a particular amount of land and pay the farmers to cultivate the land.

>build schools where ideas are sent across and roles are built ,to lead and also how to work under some one.Everyone can't be a leader.

>learn to think out of the box.Now how is this?

throw ideas into the society which may seem insane.Keep them on their heels.

guess i have written enough,but then again we need to inspire.

Friday, May 25, 2007

to be or not to be thats the question

There is a huge responsibility,the next gen(thats us),has got. We need to help the country come out of its problems or rather anomalies and reach a new level.

Yes,i know we are all capable of this,after all our grandfathers and great grandfathers and great great grand fathers fought for the country's sake and got us something called as "freedom" or rather independence from the imperialist masters.

But to compare the job in hand now to then is in all respects a big mistake.

Their job involved sacrificing themselves for the country and helping its people.

We cannot call what we have to do as a sacrifice .For sacrifices is made of sterner stuff.None of us are ready to simple chuck our lives and enter to politics.We as human beings have other ambitions which we are to follow.

They didn't have any pressure to achieve ranks and marks,they merely studied for its own sake.But we on the other hand have the responsibility of studying and pursuing our ambitions,not only to earn money but to find some kind of definite position in the society and to sustain our respect and freedom ,which we all are born with.

Yet again we need to help raise the country.But who is that we?

frankly speaking ,that is a huge question.That we which i call myself a part of is not clearly defined .If we =the youth of india ,then i am not sure if i can use that,for not everyone is bothered of the country's development. What i mean to say is that,there dream is to earn $$$$ and not live in india and make it is a better place.

I have no objections in people leaving India and studying abroad,it is after all their life and they are chasing their dreams,yet what will happen to the country.But to talk from side is always easy,they leave simple because they weren't given here a chance to prove themselves.Frankly speaking,i will leave the country if i am find that my talent isn't given the right opportunities.All of us have our personal goals and there is more spirit towards that then the country.

But to be or not to be?

Should we try to change the scenario where the country, no i can't stand thisthe people of the country the people from poor(poor=notonly in the monetary sense but also people/person spiritually and socially lacking) backgrounds get exploited by corrupt people and are reverting to the age old fanatical strictness.

The question is i think what role does the youth play to stop corruption.

As we speak a new person is inducted into the plethora of corruptness,they are driven to extremes because of the need to survive and not to fool people.To bring people out of this ,is a big task,but the real corrupted creatures calling themselves the politicians need to be refined.They all have seen the country struggle for independence ,do they think it is there rights since they played a part to rob the country?

I don't know.When i talk about bringing up india among my friends no one is enthusiastic about it.But i know they aren't satisfied rather th fact is that all of are left with a feeling we can't do anything for this country.Why disturb the people and their rickety buses? More or less the cities are developed if thats the word you use.So we are happy.We will grow up pay taxes and lament how they waste,but will we try to change it?

Monday, May 21, 2007

can we stop it please?

how can we stop the country from being trapped in another political melee like before the british rule?

It seems to me,or rather evident that the country is heading no where.Rauf pointed out that the country is still beating.India is one huge country ,my dear mother land.She knows ,she sees these stupid human beings fighting,so what does she do? i think she would again invite humans from other countries to put sense.But before something that cataclysmic happens, i feel that we need to try something.

For one thing ,i think we should end this political drama.I know everyone loves dramas and cinemas-the mega serials ,bollywood,koolywood,tollywood and the other woods are catching more and more people,while the real woods are being cut-but we do need to stop real life dramas?

It is quite fun to see,infact everyone enjoys watching these dramas,everyone knows who the next CM even before the elections are over,everyone knows so many things,who is behind the murder,yet no one takes action.The only thing which the scenario lacks if you ask me is a hero,instead he is replaced with another villan.It is villan Vs villan. each one is not measured by the good they do but rather by the bad.

but seriously we need to stop this? i mean enjoy a movie alright,but you don't keep watching movies with the same story line again and again right? would you watch a don 3 staring someone else?its getting boring,can we change the script or some one else will take over,creating a better movie.

and the state with highest movie based politics is my tamil nadu.Wondering why?well we have had more actors as chief ministers than any other state in india(or is it the world?).Captain vijaykanth has a party now,but lets see if he becomes the hero.

Friday, May 18, 2007

vinegar and presevation-political parties

We are a democratic country.I respect the past leaders,the nation flag,anthem,emblem and everything in between.

But what about the political parties?

Every other agenda in the country has a political back drop.The loons called politicians trigger mobs in large numbers against the country.Fully armed with good underground crooks and a bag full of mesmerising lies,they come to power and sometimes(or is it mostly) they win by booth capturing.The word democratic,is just a word,like any other.The aam admi(apparently the mango seller) doesn't know or care about democracy.All he cares is to earn a lively hood,for him as long as no one asks him questions and troubles his lively hood he doesn't need to care.For him if ever there is a treat of invasion,its effects will be know only when a)bombs are dropped or b) the invaders come around with a gun. he doesn't need to bother about where the country is going or of some darn nuke deal.If there had been no electricity,he would still be happy.He doesn't give a damn about who the hell is ruling the country.

so why is this post titled vinegar and preservation?

simple the mango seller's mangoes are preserved by the political parties.They do even more than that actually,they help the country to develop.They preserve the culture,in which the mango seller has been brought up, where certain issues are censored and not allowed to be addressed publicly.Where children dieing because of AIDS can't be addressed.

they also preserve 'the culture' which was created to suit them.they stir the communal disputes and also trigger the unity policy.They will go to any extent to be in power and in front of the media,which is ready sensationalize anything and everything.

IIT's and IIM's are to have reservation,to help preserve the illiteracy and poor quality of life.I have never seen a political leader being treated by a doctor who is has studied under the quota.I mena no offense,everyone needs to come up.This can't be done by reservation or by increasing the education cess to 3%,this can be done by getting good teachers and installing something called as a culture.I don't mean western to say a culture from another country but a culture which will teach people that to urinate in road sides is indecent and disease can spread.

I think this should be titled as urea preservation.If we want the country to grow,we need to install manners,which will benefit the country on the whole,there is no need to give gas stoves asd Tv's rather light the lamp.For this get good teachers who love their job and who will help keep students from poor social backgrounds in school.

I think the preservative needs to be changed ,time to change it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

oh,its the culture you see!

The indian culture is the best culture!oh,from the ancient times blah blah...bloody what the this culture? i am asking you all?

we all have to accept things at the face value.The thing is political parties want to ..............................

fill it up no use ,you know what it is...

what the hell artist getting arrested because of painting "obscene" painting.....and kissing in public is against the culture...oh,great what about all the movies in bolly and kolly woods? like they are all so clean...just try listening few of the will be wondering where the hell the lyrics are from? the truth is that people want entertainment and the "artist' are much for a culture...what the hell?

don't think i hate the culture..its just that i hate insanity...there are better things to protect than the "image of the country" about people under poverty and helping kinds under AIDS?? see this - God's forgotten children ..

what do you say?quite a rich culture ha??

Saturday, April 21, 2007