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Saturday, September 29, 2007


want to become rich in a flash of light?

join the Indian team...done.

i accept alright it is a skill and all,but still you can't pamper them like that,can you!after all there are so many more people who need some money!

and there should be something called playing for countries pride!You get the prize money thats it,say a little bit more from the government in the start of your career,but not getting payed like this!

Is it right to pay our cricketers like this??


Hip Grandma said...

I don'y think over indulgence does any good be it cricketers or our film stars.Weonly encourage success to get into their system and demotivate them.No,sincere appreciation and suggestions for maintaining their syandard at all cost is quite enough.They are young boys and who can blame them?

Prats said...

Everyone runs after money at some point of time. I'm sure many of our cricketers are doing that too initially after denying these sentiments. But its not only cricket, every field has this issue. Money seems to be the only issue in most cases, and we can't take that truth away

suvaiba said...

hey vishesh
oder games and sports need to fight for der ryt coz de constitution cant interfere in dis
and yes it is definately a skill can u go on da field infront of zillionz of ppleand play....dre is always a negative side of everything can you take over de discrimination cricketers hav taken bfore pointing de finger to anyone turn it ur way

luv suvaiba