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Monday, August 20, 2007


to be or not to be? to take or not to take?

i say the negative.No,its not fair at all, why should we curtail our dreams by pledging a part of it to another country?

We have the resources,we have everything,i.e. everything except the technology.
Its time ,we think of plans to invent our own,then take some other country.Gone are the times,when we were dependent on others,we have reached a stage,where should take care of our selves.This independence day will be remembered for this reason more than anything else,i.e. the INDO-U.S. nuke deal.

what ever the thing says i am not interested,nor in reading long essays about the pros and cons,rather i am bothered about what effects it will have.

Remember how the British and other Europeans entered the country? i think this will lead to a similar situation,they will start interfering in all our problems.

I seriously think that its time India adopted a more swadeshi way.It is our nation and our people who are suffering from the supposedly "backwardness" .We also have to eradicate poverty and other social degrading factors.Again the aam admi is directly affected by all decisions.We can use what we have and develop and build.all we need to do is,just see it.

If we can open our society more,in ways which would allow people to come up and take up the challenge.One important factor is the corruption.this doesn't have any permanent solution nor will there ever be one.We will have to find a way,to reduce this, to a level where it is feasible for people to come up with our own ideas.

It is time we begin.Let us work and churn our own power and let us not become exposed.

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ayushi said...

Just fell upon this blog...
The way you talk seems to be very unique/
But this post made me comment,only to say that,you dont need to read thick books on the pros and cons of the nuke, you only need to see the faces of those who dont have a pc,like you, who dont even have a fan in the seering heats, how they survive in the 21st cent., if MNCs had not come up, India would never have been where it is,u wud still be sitting in the dark in this information age, we develop by helping others,but we DO DEVELOP ,
anyways,... i am not gonna write essays

remember one thing more: this is not the 15th cent, its the 21st cent., india has her freedom, WITHOUT EVEN SEEING THE FULL CLAUSE OF AGREEMENTS, U ARE JUDGING...

,by readin parts of ur blog,I had thought you were a person of some original ideas, but now, I feel you just resonate some others of our country who r under the impression that the nuke deal will kill our sovereignity,huh,have u any basis
for saying that?...NO