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Sunday, July 22, 2007

tell us

Well this should be the difference isn't it?

remember we are ad-age?

how do you expect us to take to something ,which isn't properly advertised? What you may say be right,but how do we know?

telling us,thats our culture and we have to preserve it isn't going to work.It never did and never will.remember we are humans? remember,we all want to live and not survive,thinking that we are going to perish any second? remember we have got a heart? remember we have got brains? remember we also share the same wave lengths? remember we are from you?

forcing isn't the way.You give us reasons,if you can satisfy us,we accept it.If not don't try to push it.It maybe just that ,we haven't realsied things yet.It maybe we are next gen in evolution.

WE evolve with time.We have to change.Everyone in their time wants to make the world a better place.Put it right,tell us why.

We all have been brought up in this culture,after all those years of blinded belief would still one day rush back,its like a childhood fear.

What is good in our culture.If you ask me one world,expression.

We love it,let us choose what we want,its time we made decisions,we are growing.Let us learn,but at the same time don't ignore us.

We know,it is your right to know,but also it is our right to be free and choose.After all if we go down the same path,then life will not a adventure,what will it be?

Let us draw our lines.Give us reasons and remember,you aren't the ultimate ,we are as much a part of it as you.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


well here is a simple thing-

There was no venue in india for the concerts for the changing climate.Why was this?

it can't be for the reason we don't add to it,we are after all such a large country.Then why?

Don't we know more about music? Isn't our music one of the most inspiring forms which we have built the nation upon?Hasn't music been the sine-qua-non ,that has maintained the balance between everything.Whatever maybe the problem,who ever rules there has always been music.

Music and dance and celebration form a very big part of the indian culture.They have inspired generation s upon gen-next.They have been the life line,to the depressed ,they have been the solvents for all the anomalies.They have helped portray the country's united face ,under any condition and always.I remember reading in one of Nehru's books( about a couple of years back,i haven't found time to complete them) where he talks about the voices which go towards the Allahabad sangamam.We have corrupted chiefs,religious heads and what not,but religiously people preserve their traditions(well,i know now there is no use,for the rivers are either dry or polluted).

Then why wasn't India chosen?

Does the world feel that we don't have the spirit? or is that our music is too devotional and can't sing for the sake of humans?

I feel many people are sending the wrong message about the Indian identity.While i like all types of music,hearing the traditional karnatic music,really is the most pleasing to the ears.
Shouldn't we take it upon ourselves to bring up the music?Of course,you need to be more patient in learning Indian music,as it takes a lot of time for to come up to the stage and for arangatram to take place and also for the people in the hustle and bustle it may be too slow.

But i still can't find the reason for my country not being included.

whats up?